The East Green is Tiffin's newest park, and the home of the East Green Concert Series. Located in the beautiful downtown area, the East Green has plenty to offer for all ages. The park is divided into two areas that flow together to create the East Green complex. The first area is known as The National Corner, and contains a splash pad, restroom facility, lush landscaping, and a trickling waterfall. The second area, the Frost-Kalnow Ampitheater, provides a beautiful setting for concerts, performances, and so much more. Whether you are in Tiffin to enjoy the nightlife, or want to take your family to cool off on the splash pad, the East Green is worth paying a visit to. 

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The Frost-Kalnow Ampitheater on the East Green is Available for rental after the first of April

Rental Fee:$250

(non-profits are exempt from the rental fee but must still provide a security deposit)

Refundable Security Deposit:$500